Toronto Skin Clinic...

Toronto Skin Clinic...

We take the time to understand your skin care goals and work with you to customize a skin care program to meet your needs. Our commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that you will receive only the best in professional care. We take the time to learn about each person that we care for and look forward to helping you "Look as Young as You Feel!"

Injectable Fillers - Botox Cosmetics
Botox® Cosmetic sometimes called "a facelift in a bottle" is a purified protein. When small doses are injected directly into the muscles, impulses, from the nerves to the injected muscle causing the wrinkles are blocked - allowing them to relax. This relaxing of the muscle allows the skin to smooth out persistent lines that which developed over time. Contact us for details about Botox®.

Injectable Fillers - Perlane
Perlane®, like Restylane®, is a long-lasting gel that, once injected into the skin with an ultra-fine needle, lift and add volume and help diminsh fine lines & wrinkles. Made of a natural substance called hyaluronic acid, it is a completely safe treatment. The hyaluronic acid in Perlane® simply supplements the body's age-depleted hyaluronic acid. Contact us for details about Perlane®.

Injectable Fillers - Restylane
The Restylane® suite of products is designed with different gel particle sizes that are utilized for different effects and purposes—from eliminating tiny lines to enhancing facial contours. Using the Restylane Tissue-Tailored Concept™, our own Plastic Surgeon, Dr. O’Grady will choose the right product combination to create the look you want. Contact us for details about Restylane® treatments.


Toronto Skin Clinic Treatments:
Botox Fillers, Restylane Fillers, Injectable Fillers, Rosacea, Laser Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation, Sun Damage, Acne Treatments, Fraxel Laser, Scar Removal