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Toronto Skin Clinic...

We take the time to understand your skin care goals and work with you to customize a skin care program to meet your needs. Our commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that you will receive only the best in professional care. We take the time to learn about each person that we care for and look forward to helping you "Look as Young as You Feel!"

Laser Aesthetics - Laser Hair Removal
Just imagine not having to tweeze, wax, shave or endure the long painful hours of electrolysis ever again!!! At Toronto Skin Clinic, laser hair removal with the LightSheer™ or the Sciton Profile can make this a reality for you. Men & Women of all skin types are now able to eliminate unwanted facial & body hair rapidly, safely and effectively! Contact us for more details about Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Aesthetics - Laser Vein Removal
Unsightly leg and facial spider veins – those small, unsightly clusters of red or purple veins that usually appear on the thighs, calves, ankles and occasionally the face, can be a problem for millions of men and women around the world. The problem affects a wide range of age groups, skin types and lifestyles. While they may not be medical emergencies, most would rather be rid of these. Contact us.

Laser Aesthetics - Rosacea
TSC uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) PhotoFacials technology to help minimize the embarrassing flushing or facial and neck redness associated with rosacea. IPL PhotoFacials is a state of the art procedure also effective in reducing the appearance of sun and age spots, brown pigmented legions, and broken capillaries; tighting pores and more. Contact us about Rosacea.

Laser Aesthetics - Photodynamic Therapy(ALA)
Acne is a genetic, hormonal disease characterized by overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands, plugging of the sebaceous glands to form micro- and macro- comedones (blackheads) and, finally, action of skin bacteria on oil trapped underneath the skin, to produce red inflammatory cystic lesions
Contact us for more details about Acne Treatments.

Toronto Skin Clinic Treatments:
Botox Fillers, Restylane Fillers, Injectable Fillers, Rosacea, Laser Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation, Sun Damage, Acne Treatments, Fraxel Laser, Scar Removal